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So, 2 years later after I posted 

after taking a long look at things and figuring out what is going on, I have decided that for now I am going to work on making a private Helbreath server and reviving Helbreath Xtreme. Eventually down the road I will in fact release everything I work on for this server. It will sort of just be a trial thing and see how things go. If the server is universally disliked, I'll just revert back to the whole public development thing and release it all early. Let us see where this takes us. I have ideas spanning over 10 years that I never had the time or skill to put into code that I now can do. Some features I had done 12 years ago that have yet to be replicated on any other server will show up as well. Features that never saw the light of day because I never put a new server up back then. If you're interested in testing, make an account here and send me a message or contact me on discord at Sharon#0429 . Also, just to answer before it gets brought up a bunch of times, "Who are you? I don't recognize this name." - I am Zero. The one and only that has ever owned the helbreathx domains and run Helbreath Xtreme servers (except that weird time where someone else asked to use the hbx name and proceeded to tarnish the rep of it so I requested they change it). And if you're wondering "I thought you were a guy", well I'm trans. Something that's been in the back of my mind since before I ever started playing HB and have finally acted upon. You can call me Sharon, or Zero. Either work if one is too weird or unfamiliar for you. It's not something that would or should be brought up regularly or affect anything but I thought I'd explain the name for anyone who is confused.

That all aside, I will post regular updates on what I'm working on (and sometimes even stream progress) pre and post-launch. For now, I am working on revamping much of the client and server.

As for what kind of server HBx will be, it's undecided but leaning towards a classic HB experience since that is what I'm told many people want. If you want something different, let me know.

Here is a quick preview of the level of changes this is getting (yes this is windowed mode running opengl).



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