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Found 1 result

  1. YoKo


    CHANGELOG: - Fixed groupkick (playerstate to controller) - Security added on char creation (exploit stats) - creating new char, hitting back button will no longer set stats to 0, but 10 - Server List: you will need to click a server first before joining, and then pressing the button to join, instead of only clicking the serverlist - Safe Added to maps (both cities) - Modified Directional Light / Shadows - Vendor, Quest, Gandalf can only be opened now if they are from the same city side, unless its Neutral (quests) - Players can no longer drop items when dead - Players can no longer equip items when dead - Fixed issue: when equipping armor 2h weapon would unequipp - Fixed shields defense ratio add(edited) - Server List: selected server will be green colored - Small fix on hotbar items not taking slotID - Quest NPC: fixed overlapping issue on all actors instead of only players - Quest NPC: fixed sign not appearing if logging in nearby quest npc - Quests items will now show properly in the Tooltip - Quests item can now be added with stats - Minor bug when leveling up (experience) fixed - Messages on login screen will now be red colored - Item hotbars will now be saved on player's logout - Item hotbars: will now equip the correct item, even if the item changes slot in the bag(edited) - Item hotbars: items will now be obtained from character's saved hotbars - Item hotbars: right clicking it will clear/remove it from the hotbar - Stats window: fixed issue that clicking the X would not reset back the stats - Item Hotbars: fixed issue on overlapping (switching) between two items - Item Hotbar: will now show the amount (for pots) - Potions are now stackable to 50 instead of 10 - Clicking the ToS on account registration (allowing users to register) fixed - Item Hotbar: when dropping an item already in the hotbar, it will get erased automatically - Hotbars: item requirements will now execute when pressing hotbars 1,2,3 - Players: added variables EK, PK, history ek, history pk, majestic points, contribution, crusade contribution, lucky points - Players: majestic points working (each new "level up" after being level 140 will grant one majestic point) - Players: added EK points "when players kill a player from the other side that is Combatant, one enemy kill   will be rewarded" - Players: added PK points "when players kill a player from the same city that is Combatant, one penalty kill (pk) will be added. - Players: saving of eks, pk, histories, maj points, luck, working - Character creator: fixed issue regarding creating new char not resetting values - Added FPS to Game settings > Video - Stamina: increase distance traveller before decreasing stamina (from 35 to 50) - Stamina: fixed small bug regarding stamina up and sp recovery stat - Stats Level up: players can no longer overpass 200 stats (max stats) - Criticals: fixed issue regarding holding critical when reaching 0 criticals, and still being able to use criticals - Game Messages (hp up, sp up, etc) will only show up for 3 seconds - Damage text: fixed text showing on first frame on the top left of the corner - Eating pots: will now play the "eat potion" sound - Windows: dropping a window over another window is now fixed and shouldnt disappear anymore - Fixed windows over hotbar buttons: buttons were showing above the current window instead of under it - Windows: when click to move is executed and Shop/SpellPurchase windows are open, will be automatically closed to prevent them from being open infinitely - Windows: changed ui close when click to move -> will be based on distance from the NPC (for now: Spell Wizzard and Shop npc)(edited) - Items will now generate a sound (weapons) on hit - Control+S will disable/enable music/sounds now - Added Casting Aura for spells circle higher equal than 8 - Fixed time of spells active that were ending before time (Example: Blizzard) - Added "[Game]" channel for all in-game notifications that expire after 3 seconds - Map and Minimap base started - Map and Minimap: now shows the objects as quest, shopkeeper, enemy, friend, etc - Added messages when TAB / Control+R / Home are pressed - NPCs are no longer pre-spawned, instead are spawned on server start - Minimap and few icons added, along with full screen map (under development)