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      Information on the development of Helbreath Xtreme

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      Post here if you have any questions about the server or have any problems in game.
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    • The Helbreath server that made its name for itself roughly 16-20 years ago is back officially and is poised to shake the very foundation of Helbreath itself once again. This project is being lead by the same person that started the HBx Dev Team way back when that created the server sources that nearly every server today still uses. Some history can be located here https://github.com/Helbreath/hgserver-hbxdevteam. This new HBx project aims to breathe life back into what once was a thriving community. This project will exist within three spaces. One will be this website/forum, another will be within GitHub because yes, this project will be open source, and the final place will be on Discord. How this is going to work is that this website and the Discord server will be the home of a server I run and manage of the code, and I will release -EVERYTHING- for it on GitHub as open source as I develop it. Want to put up an identical clone of my server? Go for it. The benefit of my server is bleeding edge features, faster bug fixes, and someone who has near 2 decades of Helbreath experience. I may have been out of the public spotlight for years, but I have been working on things behind the scenes for years out of the eyes of everyone. I hope this can spark a new period of Helbreath for veterans and maybe even new players. View full announcement
    • Let me know how spell casting should proceed here. There are benefits to both systems. Personally, I like the compromise because it gives skilled players the ability to show off their skills for a gain, but doesn't prevent unskilled players from participating.
    • If you have a suggestion please post it in this section. For voting on suggestions to be added, you need to have more than 5 posts for the option to appear. At the bottom right of the post, you can press Threads with the OP having high likes will be considered for addition to the server. This system is only temporary until a better one can be implemented. This is primarily for alpha/beta testers.
    • This is a non-exhaustive list. These are only a few of the more notable planned features. In-game auction house Instanced maps Guild chat over Discord Ability to trade entire Characters in game
    • Please answer these questions for your main gaming PC you would use to play Helbreath. I realize nearly everything on this list is way more than HB requires, considering it was developed with 100-200mhz PCs with 128MB ram in mind, but I am curious as to the general limits I can push the game to before I need to consider the lowest common denominator.
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