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  1. I am officially restarting the HelbreathX Public Development effort I started approximately 15 years ago that brought the then 2.03 sources up to and beyond the state of 2.191 binaries that were available at the time. While Helbreath is an old game that has seen better days, it is still enjoyed by many and I still see room for growth in it. This will be two-fold. I will be developing public sources and I will be hosting an official server that runs them. Development will be at the pace I can afford to give it. The starting point will be my latest efforts on the client and server. An example screenshot: I know it doesn't say much by itself. There was a lot more new and unique code going into it that I had to temporarily remove as it may not suit the purpose of the development so as the client stands now it's not quite usable yet, but the FPS should give a good idea of the capabilities. More FPS, more room for rendering without lag or delay. With everyone's movement speed normalized across the board, client functional on Windows XP all the way through Windows 10, and many more features such as resolution scaling so you can play on a server at 800x600 and it still cover most of your screen even in windowed mode which is also a working feature. I'll add a bunch of random screenshots I've taken during the development of this client years ago to give a better idea of the ability of the client rework. For a list of source repos: https://github.com/Helbreath/loginserver https://github.com/Helbreath/gameserver https://github.com/Helbreath/client HBFantasy client 4 years ago with DirectDraw removed giving much higher fps. 1920x1080 fullscreen resolution rendering 800x600 upscaled. (windowed fullscreen) Just to test the limits of this, 1920x1080 rendering what I believe would have been 3840x2160 downscaled. Admin client with the ability to zoom in and out as you wish? 5120x2160 while still getting 446fps. Not bad if you ask me. Shows that there is quite a high ceiling as far as what this client is capable of.
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    Just an update. Over the next while I'll be trying to collect files, guides, etc to this forum so that when hbinfo goes down, they will be here as well. If anyone wants to assist with that they can, but I'll be doing it over the next few weeks or so. If anyone has any special requests of information to be posted then definitely make a post here outlining it all. I know I have a lot of old tools and sources that may or may not even be in circulation anymore.
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    Welcome to Helbreath Xtreme. This site is an attempt to preserve the content over at helbreath.info for the foreseeable future. Helbreath.info has provided a single location for content, guides, and general help for the development of Helbreath servers and I wish to keep that going in one form or another. Over the next while until helbreath.info finally goes down I will be attempting to pull as much information off the site and get it over to here.